Post Script: NPM: He says he loves me (Poem 28)

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Open, shut, open, shut
Banging doors, slamming drawers
Yelling, screaming, shouting, beating
The shit I put up with
Because he says he loves me

Help, shut up, stop, make me
He’s gone over the edge
Now, he says, you’ll learn
Now, he says, you’ll do as you’re told

The slaps, the punches
The bruises, the cuts
The stitches, the tears

No more, I’ve had enough
I know it’s time to leave

…But then he says he loves me

Post Script: NPM: Haven (Poem 24)


Somewhere where we are free, playing
Seals sit laughing, sea grass swaying
Somewhere the seagulls float across
No sadness stirs here and no loss
Somewhere the salt breeze is saying

There is no need for the praying
Here’s where you should plan on staying
We shall look for shells and sea moss
Somewhere where we are free

Where the sunset keeps delaying
And the ocean keeps on spraying
While we wait for the Northern Cross
We will sift through sand and emboss
Our vision of bliss, portraying
Somewhere where we are free

Post Script: NPM: Rebirth (Poem 16)


Tired of crying on frigid bathroom floors
I have reached out of my self-imposed shell
Deciding to open up these barred doors

That have me trapped in this personal hell
Amusing how simple a hurt to shelf
When you’ve stopped hearing the song of Death’s knell

When you’ve stopped distorting the view of yourself
As nothing but a body to please him
Start seeing your soul in and of itself

That waits for you with joy, so full to the brim
With love that sounds like your own personal hymn

Post Script: NPM: Freedom (Poem 15)


A poem for you

Before I say goodbye

Can only look at you in sadness

Don’t know where we went wrong

Every thought of happiness

Forgotten in my hurt

Gets old quickly these

Harsh words and cruel actions

I want only my freedom

Just a small moment of peace

Kicking and screaming is our modus operandi

Let me go and let me cut my losses

Meet me halfway and

Not with anger

Old hurts and new

Pull at my heartstrings, but all I want is

Quiet and calm

Relief from our bickering

Silence from our yelling

Tear my soul apart and

Under all of this torture lies a heart

Very tender and pure

Withheld from your love out of spite

Xenophobe to my love as if the

Yes, as if the thought of it’s

Zeal was too much for you to bear

Post Script: NPM: All the World’s a Stage (Poem 14)

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Stark lights flash on flesh
that bleeds out under the glare.
Is it just me out here?

I think I hear laughter but maybe,
it is just my echo bouncing
off the noiseless gloom,
causing my stumble out of the light.

Knees planted firmly on heartwood,
I look down into the hollow.

True self, solid form,
taunting me – its pallid echo.

Post Script: NPM: From My Lips to Your Heart (Poem 8)


My voice is a thunderstorm. The words –

pillars balanced for a millisecond

on the cusp of my lips, waiting

to topple over into your ear.


It becomes a tempest coiling

like ensnared vapor in a mirror.

Its pledge binds your heart –

promises of us, everlasting.


Now it trembles and quakes

like suppressed magma,

unable to express the seething ecstasy

that beats through my vena

at the thought of you.

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