One a Day: Sestina

*I took one or two liberties with this one, please forgive me:

I dreamed a dream that brought a life,
one of my own choosing.
I dreamed a dream that began this life anew.
My world conspired and brought me, you.
A balm to the ache in my arms,
and for that I am grateful.

For what is there not to be grateful
for in a baby that has come into my life,
when I thought I would never hold in my arms –
when the time had passed when I could choose,
a baby as beautiful as you?
My world has started anew!

Comfort and joy are both a new
sensation in this heart that is so grateful
for you.
For this new and glorious life –
one that was of my own choosing,
you, sleeping gently in my arms.

And how they ached, these arms
of mine. How they burned for a new
purpose and feeling. When it came time to choose,
it was really you who chose me. And I am grateful
that God blessed my life
with you!

As I stare at my love, at you,
lying innocent and content in my arms,
my son, my life –
my world begins anew.
I am light! I am bliss! I am grateful
that you were the succor that I was choosing –

that you were the love that I was choosing,
that I chose you!
Every day I will look on and be grateful.
For I hold in my arms
my existence renewed –
you. My love, my treasure, my life!

Choosing to adopt brought you into my arms
You are my reason to breathe anew!
Grateful is a poor choice of word, for how I feel having you in my life.

Excuses for not writing my poetry

As you may have noticed, there has been a break in my poetry postings.

First, let me just say: It’s all Ikea’s fault!!! An Ikea cart fell on my leg last Sunday and I’ve been useless ever since. I let two easy poetry styles pass me by while I moaned and whined about the pain I’ve been suffering.

Secondly, NO MORE. I’m back on my grind and I WILL have a sestina for you today!


That is all…