2014 Memories: Day 11

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I watched a video of my cousin’s baby eating his first lemon. LMAO! Totally made up for my computer’s video card dying on me today.

I must plan a trip to see him.

2014 Memories: Day 10

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Watching Law & Order: SVU

“What, 5 Crazy? Yeah they do.” My sister and I got a good laugh at that.

2014 Memories: Day 9

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“You son of an udder-less cow.”

New favorite insult.

2014 Memories: Day 8

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I am grateful for my mom.

I am grateful for my friends. Especially the ones that pick up the phone at 2am. Thank you for being there for me always. Love you.

2014 Memories: Day 7

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I’m grateful for my scarf. When I tell you it’s cold out…

2014 Memories: Day 5

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I just found out Amazon has old episodes of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” Ahh, my childhood beckons!

2014 Memories: Day 4

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I finished a new chapter of Andrei’s story. It’s a long one too! Yay for creativity.

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