2014 Memories: Day 13

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My intern is back. Thank all the Saints in Heaven! Maybe now, some work can actually be done.

2014 Memories: Day 12


I don’t know if I can do this everyday….sheesh!

Watched an episode of Psych and Scandal that made me happy. And I posted some of my story up and got some positive feedback. I felt great!

2014 Memories: Day 11

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I watched a video of my cousin’s baby eating his first lemon. LMAO! Totally made up for my computer’s video card dying on me today.

I must plan a trip to see him.

2014 Memories: Day 10

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Watching Law & Order: SVU

“What, 5 Crazy? Yeah they do.” My sister and I got a good laugh at that.

2014 Memories: Day 9

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“You son of an udder-less cow.”

New favorite insult.

2014 Memories: Day 8

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I am grateful for my mom.

I am grateful for my friends. Especially the ones that pick up the phone at 2am. Thank you for being there for me always. Love you.

Life Definitions: Random Thoughts: Leaving a Job

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You can accumulate a lot of stuff sitting in an office for two years. Now that I have to pack my things I find myself going stark raving mad…its like breaking up with a live-in partner and being the one that has to leave. With each new thing packed away a memory is relived. I will miss these people and this place…

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