One a Day: Themed Poem: Life

The Mechanics of Life

It happened one day
when no one was looking. Under
a white sheet meant for sleep.
With eyes tightly shut
creation of innocence.

The tight confines you find yourself in,
wishing for the floodgates to burst,
for the end of this prison sentence to come soon
You kick.

Dependent on another to eat, to sleep,
no freedoms of your own.
Then it happens suddenly
the birth of an innocent.

Post Script: NPM: Freedom (Poem 15)

A poem for you

Before I say goodbye

Can only look at you in sadness

Don’t know where we went wrong

Every thought of happiness

Forgotten in my hurt

Gets old quickly these

Harsh words and cruel actions

I want only my freedom

Just a small moment of peace

Kicking and screaming is our modus operandi

Let me go and let me cut my losses

Meet me halfway and

Not with anger

Old hurts and new

Pull at my heartstrings, but all I want is

Quiet and calm

Relief from our bickering

Silence from our yelling

Tear my soul apart and

Under all of this torture lies a heart

Very tender and pure

Withheld from your love out of spite

Xenophobe to my love as if the

Yes, as if the thought of it’s

Zeal was too much for you to bear