On the Go: Power – Kanye West

The new Kanye West song.

This song resonates with what this nation as a whole is going through, not to mention our individual struggles with the influences we hold over our friends and acquaintances. Power is a drug that ends up corroding your thoughts and eventually causes your descent from grace. It makes you forget that you are not the be-all-end-all. Power lulls you into a false sense of confidence that you can do no wrong.At least until you fuck up and then there’s no where to go but down.

Having power is fun, but it is indiscriminate and will turn on you in the end for someone more capable of wielding it.

Life Definitions: Read this Hot Mess

Hot Mess


They want the power to seize firms other than Banks…that’s some BS. I’m all for the Obama Administration, and I’m righteously pissed that my tax dollars (which count this year) are going into the pockets of the wealthy and fucked up.

BUT…I’m REALLY hesitant to feel good about where this is going. The Fed should NOT be involved in the free market except to create and moderate monetary policy.