Life Definitions: The Wedding Dress, The Wii and Everything Inbetween!

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We found it! The dress, so now basically, the wedding planning is half done! lol…

Next up, my Maid of Honor dress. Lord I hope fuchsia looks good on me because that’s my color, people…fuchsia. When I tell you that I love my cousin, just remember that color and you’ll be able to imagine just how deep that love goes.

And on that note, my Wii (did I tell you I got one?) workouts have been fantastic. I can feel the difference its making in my life. I will look fantastic in August.

I also have a secret, but I won’t tell until I know for sure that its something I’m going to seriously do. I will keep you posted on those developments in the next month or so.

Now, about my Wii…

Super Mario Bros, the second best selling vide...

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It is fantastic, wonderful, amazing and RED! I got the Super Mario Brothers with it, and although I am ashamed to admit that I died 4 times before I got to the second world, I have improved! What I need is someone to come and help me play…I’m on the level where the scary music starts to play…idk about all that…so I called it a day right then and there.

I also have Just Dance 2 (JD2) and the MJ Experience (MJE), oh and Wii Sports (WiiS). JD2 is what I’m using to burn some calories. They have this awesome sweat mode that allows you to keep track of how much “sweat” you’re losing and gives you goals to reach each day. I’m now on 1000 a day.

And I’m proud to say, that I went from age 80 to 37 in a week on WiiS. I love the tennis mode and am even thinking about learning in RL. I’m definitely going to give myself the sport pack if no one else does.


Work is good, home is good, life is getting better by the minute. I finally said goodbye to a chapter in my life that has caused me pain for some time now. I’m not truly %100 committed to giving it up though. I feel one really good convincing conversation is all it will take to get me right back where I was, but I want to move on so badly! Hopefully, the person will respect my wishes and keep his distance…he doesn’t have a great track record for doing that.

But at least I made that first step, which has led to my little secret that I hope will turn out to be great news in the near future.

Life Definitions: I got a new computer at work!

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When I tell you I am grinning from ear to ear…I’m not exaggerating. I really am.

I’ve been at this job for 3 months now. When I first started, I had the tiniest monitor you could imagine. Suffice it to say, Titi was not happy. But I made do, I learned to not see the fact that I had books propping up to a decent level (not eye level, mind you, but decent). I learned not to notice that some of the web pages just overflowed when looking at them on the screen. I ignored the slowness and the freezing and all the other horrendous things that was happening to me because my computer was from 1998.

But then yesterday, Joe, our IT guy, says he will install my NEW COMPUTER tomorrow at noon. Well…I just about fainted right there by his desk.

So today, I came to work and decided I wouldn’t even think about, just in case it didn’t happen. I went out to lunch with the development team and when I came back, I noticed that there was something off about my desk.

My monitor was taking up more space!!!

Well, I flipped out, I pulled every employee I could find to show them the glorious, beautiful, wide screen of my computer.


I would write more, but I must go play work….



Life Definitions: My New Laptop


XPS M1530
XPS M1530


So I got a new laptop last week. I originally purchased it on the 31st of December…and it took over a month to get. Pissed is not even the word to describe how I felt when I checked and they told me there was a delay.

But enough about past things, I want to explain how disappointing this laptop is to an average technically non-savvy user…

I originally bought this computer because the reviews were so impressive. But once I got it (finally), I didn’t know what to do with it. I mean, it was pretty, and I set up my fingerprints and installed all the updates and yadda yadda yadda. But once that was done, what was I going to DO with it?

I installed my Norton 360, which I purchased from Dell back in November or so. It worked fine, and once I got my Sounblaster X-Fi Card and wireless bundle, I put the CD in…and nothing happened. It wouldn’t even show up on My Computer. In fact, my CD drive was missing in its entirety. So what next? I had to call customer care. ON THE SECOND DAY, I had to call for tech support. What kind of BS is that?

So I ended up allowing remote access while I went to look at beds (whole different post). Eventually I found out that the Norton 360 did something blah blah blah and fucked up my computer. And they fixed it.

Now what I’d like to know is…why can’t Dell sell me products that are compatible with each other? Lord knows I buy enough stuff from them. You’d think since they are working with my system when they sell these things to me, they would notice that, “oh shit, this wouldn’t work with what she has!” Fucking idiots!

Also, I don’t know whether it’s just me, but the computer looks like it’s going to break in 6.3 seconds. The camera does not look like its well protected behind the flimsy board and the back looks like it’s supposed to be connected…but no one told manufacturing that. 

Why do I keep going back to them? The same reason why Microsoft is still doing so well. The cost of switching is too high. Plus, I have credit with Dell. Because $2,000 and some change does not grow on trees. And that’s how much I spent on this thing.


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