One a Day: Terza Rima

As I walk along the cold forgotten path
I feel as though a shadow walks besides me
And though I feel no menace, hatred, or wrath

I wonder why I cannot, this shadow, see
But to stop along the path and delve deep
Into the gloom is a choice not meant to be

Along this cold forgotten path I must keep
I cannot stop for food or drink, I cannot
Stop for rest and never shall I stop to sleep

I must hurry, be swift or else be forgot
Time waits for some, but for me, surely will not

Post Script: NPM: Rebirth (Poem 16)

Tired of crying on frigid bathroom floors
I have reached out of my self-imposed shell
Deciding to open up these barred doors

That have me trapped in this personal hell
Amusing how simple a hurt to shelf
When you’ve stopped hearing the song of Death’s knell

When you’ve stopped distorting the view of yourself
As nothing but a body to please him
Start seeing your soul in and of itself

That waits for you with joy, so full to the brim
With love that sounds like your own personal hymn