Yoga Update

So it’s been a week since I last took a yoga class. Which makes me feel like the only fat ASS! I went on a carbohydrate rampage this weekend and feel even worse.

I do like yoga. Afterward, despite the headache, I feel great. But during, feeling like someone is banging my head with a sledgehammer and getting nauseous is not sexy.

I need to figure out what I’m supposed to eat so I don’t pass out. I should also stretch on days when I don’t go to yoga, just to keep my body from stiffening up. I think I’ve had more aches and pains now than I ever did before I started.

Can yoga become addictive? Because it will be a fricking expensive ass drug…

I have a class at 6pm today, we shall see how well, or not, I do today.

Life Definitions: Horrible Start to My Weight Loss

So I woke up this morning super excited because today was to be the first day of my Bikram Yoga classes. Last night, as I was out to dinner, I realize that I can’t find my credit card. Thank God I had another one with me or I would have completely embarrassed myself in front of my friends.

I thought, maybe its at work or at home. I get to work…its not there. At this point, I am beyond annoyed, empty out my entire bag…nothing. So, no Bikram for me because I can’t register for the class. I have to wait a whole week to get a new card sent to me. Meanwhile, no yoga, no laundry, no nothing.

I am trying to stay upbeat, but its the small things that wear me down, you know? I’m ready for the weekend. Hopefully the quiet time will help me center myself and get some of that positive energy back.