MoMo’s Life List

  1. Travel to:
    o Eqypt
    o Another country in Africa
    o Brazil
    o Aruba
    o Jamaica
    o At least 2 of the U.S or British Virgin Islands
    o Hong Kong (because you guys made me jealous)
    o Las Vegas
    o California
    o Atlanta (then move there)
    o Washington D.C.
    o Niagra Falls (because you guys made me jealous again)
    o Mardi Gras in New Orleans
    o Carnivale in Trinidad
    o Carnivale in Brazil
    o Paris for an anniversary
    o Backpack through Europe
  2. Go natural
  3. Be a mentor
  4. Find my passion 
  5. Have a girl’s trip 
  6. Host an event with all my close friends
  7. Take a trip with the fam
  8. Get married
  9. Have 3+ children
  10. Be a soccer mom
  11. Fight a man (and win)
  12. Be on television
  13. Write my life story
  14. Publish a book
  15. Speak to my father
  16. Ride a motorcycle
  17. Meet the president (and seduce him)
  18. Free some slaves

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