Post-Op Post

Hey, just checking in, now that my sister has brought me my laptop. The surgery went well, they found a small packet of fluid and when that was removed they found some rotted bone underneath.

That has been scraped off and by Monday the cultures will be back and they will have identified the type of infection and I will be able to go home.

They gave me a spinal tap thing ( that’s not what its really called) and I was numb from my waist down. But I don’t remember a thing after the relaxant kicked in. One minute I’m going…”ouch that was my right side,” and the next I’m waking up to find a blue sheet in my face and someone saying they’re almost done. Kinda creepy….

They are putting an IV in my arm that will go up to my heart so I can take my antibiotics at home.

Sounds all kinds of complicated…but if it makes me better, I’m willing to try.

Oh, and did I tell you I’m going to sue my first doctor?

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