Last night I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with the girls…ALL the girls. It felt good and right and needed! First I met them at Latitude on 8th Avenue between 47th and 48th. Then we moved to Tonic and partied like it was 05-05-05. (The best cinco de mayo I’ve had so far!) 

Two of us got really drunk, but that’s ok, I love them, so it was cute having them harass me THE ENTIRE NIGHT! lol 

I have some pictures, but will only put up one for the sake of not getting beat later by any of them. 

Cinco de Mayo

One thought on “Cinco de Mayo 2010

  1. lmao! Good times. Kind of a blurry night, but one thing I remember so clearly is harassing you with Celina. I HEART you TiTi! xoxo

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