Book Report: Enter the Enchanted (Everworld #3) by K.A. Applegate

Enter the Enchanted (Everworld, #3)Enter the Enchanted by Katherine Applegate

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In a parallel universe where mythology is real and wild imaginings are ordinary, four friends still haven’t found Senna–or their way out of Everworld. They are about to encounter Merlin, one of the most powerful inhabitants of Everworld. He might know where to find Senna, but he has his own agenda.

The important facts:

  1. There are four main characters, David, Christopher, Jalil and April
  2. Everything that happens is because of Senna
  3. There is another universe
  4. There are gods in said universe who want them dead

This book is told from the point of view of April O’Brien, Senna’s half-sister. A father is about the only thing they have in common. While April is open and friendly and popular, Senna is mysterious and a little scary.

My first issue is (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this): Why do they have different last names? Maybe this will be explained later in the series, but I’m squinting at Senna right about know…

Second, this is not the book I read several years ago…Le Sigh!

So, back to the book. There were Knights. And I mean real Knights of the Roundtable. King Arthur’s posse minus the King. (Apparently, all the head honchos are MIA in this series. First Thor, now Arthur…their people never stood a chance!) So, yes, knights. April wakes up after a run in with The Dragon (yes, CAPS) and finds herself in a small medieval room. She puts on her clothes and goes to find the others only to discover that Galahad is holding on to Senna for Merlin. Which means they all are pretty much being held prisoner. Only, Loki is making an impromptu visit as well.

Long story short, Loki wants Senna, Merlin wants Senna, and Senna wants freedom. A big fight ensues; Merlin sends dinner after Loki, and lots of people die. In the end, some of the knights are dead, Merlin is trapped in a tower with a ginormous Loki, there is a fire-breathing Dragon on the loose, Senna has escaped and the Four (David, Christopher, April and Jalil) are sitting around a library table deciding that they may in fact have to save the world.

This book, relative to the first two, was quite different, and I’m wondering if that was done on purpose because it’s written in a female voice or if that is just the way the series is progressing. With April’s POV, things seem to move slower, there is much more dialogue and thought to the way things seem and not the gory, action, action, action of the earlier views.

There is some deep, dark secret about Senna and April’s childhood, something that April is either embarrassed or ashamed of. We spend much more time in the Real World with April, and learn that time is not consistent at all!

One huge difference in this book? There is an actual ending. As in, I could skip the next book and not feel as if I missed the ending of this one. There are concrete conclusions and decision that get made that will change the way the Four interact with Everworld from now on.

The next book is Realm of the Reaper.

Safe Reading!

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