Center Stage: Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer |

Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer |

Lips red as blood

Hair black as night

Bring me your heart,

My dear, dear Snow White.

So because I feel that it is my duty to my readers to bring fresh content to my blog, *cough cough* I am going out of my way to see and review this movie for you all.

There are so many reasons why I want to see this:

  1. Charlize Theron is in it and she so makes up for Kristen Stewart.
  2. The huntsman is Chris Hemsworth aka Thor. And I can vouch for his hotness…I mean, I’m not the only who’s seen Thor, right?
  3. I love dark, gritty fantasy movies. Some of my recent favorites include KickAss and Suckerpunch.
  4. I definitely appreciate Disney movie remakes, whether in film or book format.
  5. I’m semi-obsessed with Snow White right now since “Once Upon a Time” is on ABC on Sundays at 8pm (had to plug that in…post to come about that little gem!).
  6. And finally, in the previews, Kristen Stewart doesn’t speak. I’m taking that as a sign that the producers are aware of her weaknesses and are planning accordingly.

Summer is a long time to wait for a movie, but this looks like it will be worth it. We shall see, people…we shall see.

Click on the picture or link above for the trailer!

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