Book Report: Realm of the Reaper (Everworld #4) by K.A. Applegate

Realm of the Reaper (Everworld, #4)Realm of the Reaper by Katherine Applegate

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Things have gotten way beyond weird. First April, Jalil, David and Christopher end up in Everworld. Since then, they’ve been hunted by trolls, entertained Vikings, fought in a war against Aztects and their heart-eating god, encountered Merlin, met some strange alien metalsmiths, and got a chance to see their very first real, live dragon. It’s been a strange few days, to say the least. Their “journey” started out as a search for a friend, but things have turned dangerous. Because now April and the others are about to discover the true opposite of heaven – and it isn’t a very nice place….

It’s funny, because as bad as Loki is, man, his kids are worse…W.T.E

The important facts:

  1. There are four main characters, David, Christopher, Jalil and April
  2. Everything that happens is because of Senna
  3. There is another universe
  4. There are gods in said universe who want them dead

A perfect example of bullet point 4. is this book. This book is narrated through Jalil. This book was super creepy. Loki’s children are beyond weird and scary. Out of all the monsters the 4 protagonist have met, Hel is the worse (so far). She is not alive, but not dead either and no one has ever escaped her.

I liked this book a lot. I found it a little slower than the previous books, simply because the opening was just a typical day in Everworld with the 4 just walking about looking for a village or town or something. But slowly, it get creepier and creepier (that’s my word of the day ya’ll). They end up in a mountain village where the guards are keeping people in, not out.

The 4 of them encounter fear and lust in a being that is something out of your nightmares x 100. If it was me, I would have curled up under my bed and shut my eyes and prayed for death. But I guess that’s why no one ever wrote into a book. (I thank God for small favors everyday.)

The next book is Discover the Destroyer.

Safe Reading!

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