Book Report: Superior Saturday (Keys to the Kingdom #6) by Garth Nix

Superior Saturday (Keys to the Kingdom Series #6)Superior Saturday by Garth Nix

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

On the sixth day, there was sorcery.

Arthur Penhaligan has wrested five of the Keys from their immortal guardians, the Trustees of the Will. But gaining the Sixth Key poses a greater challenge than any he has faced before. Superior Saturday is not just one of the Trustees – she is also the oldest Denizen and the most powerful and knowledgeable sorcerer within the House. She has tens of thousands of sorcerers at her command, and she has been preparing her forces all along for the Will’s escape and the activities of the Rightful Heir.

As Saturday’s schemes become evident, Arthur is beset on all sides. The House is being destroyed, and only the power of the Keys can hold back the tide of destruction. Arthur’s home city is under attack. His allies are unreliable. He can’t even get into the apparently impregnable Upper House . . .  and even if he does, finding the Sixth Part of the Will and gaining the Sixth Key might not be enough to counter Saturday’s bid for ultimate power.

Can Arthur survive?

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way.

I have to say, as an audiobook, this was rather confusing. I probably should read the books as I am a visual person, but Sir Thursday was an audiobook and I listened to it quite well. Perhaps it was that I couldn’t really picture Superior Saturday’s Tower. There was amazing detail on it, but it is still very confusing in my head. Oh well, on to something else.

Arthur is growing up, he has this awful rage and sense of entitlement but he’s fighting it. I love that aspect of the book. It helped with my disdain for him in the previous book, where I felt that he just wasn’t doing enough. In fact, after the third book, it seemed that Arthur was just along for the ride, while everyone around him did all the work.

He was in the army, but really, he did nothing. In fact, the will came to him and told him what to do. Meanwhile, Leaf and Suzy are doing the heft of the work.

In this book, again, there is a lot of running around and he finds the will fairly easily…did Superior Saturday not think to prevent the will from speaking? I find that very sloppy. In fact, aside from the first part of the will, every other piece has been hidden within the house (and yes, the island was within the house IMHO). Why was the least significant part of the Great Will the only one that had such efficient guards against someone finding it.

And nothing is done about the Nameless Boy, Arthur doesn’t even get any face to face time with Saturday. Which is just odd to me, I mean, if it was that easy to get the keys, he’s just wasted two weeks of his life.

All in all, I feel this book could have been better, it could have done with a lot less filler and a lot more meaty bits. I understand Nix has introduced us to a lot of characters, but he did a disservice to the main characters by giving so much page time to secondary characters.

And have I mentioned, I am not fond of Dame Primus. At all.

As for the quality of my Audio reading, I have only one complaint, which isn’t really a complaint. The reading was smooth, the breaks and pauses were perfect and the voice pitches were different and varied enough that I could immediately pick out who was speaking. My only issue was that a bunch of people had Irish accents. I don’t know where that came from and I do understand that the reader is English, but still. That was weird for me.

Safe Reading!

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  1. Oh, and thanks for the related articles bit, even if you did it by accident and i love your little end bit:
    “Safe reading!”

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