Around the World: Miami Beach, Florida

It started out better than perfect. I got a ride to the airport and arrived super early. I discovered that my flight was delayed by half an hour, but Cely was there and we went to grab something to eat. Eli and Frankie showed up soon afterward and we headed over to board the plane. Lo and behold, I see some girls I went to high school with and spent the wait chatting about life in general.

We get on the plane and managed to get seats next to each other (which is amazing since the plane was packed!). I end up sitting next to this really interesting guy and spent the trip having deep conversations about which celebrity is hotter and Sudoku. Continue reading

Around the World: My Fall Trip List

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Beach at Play del Carmen.

It’s been so long since I wrote an update, but it’s not for lack of anything interesting happening!

My Fall Trip List is now available! See below.


Miami, Florida

This is a Birthday weekend trip with some girlfriends. Very low-key, enjoying the last of the summer heat.


Another birthday trip, slightly longer than Florida. Also with a slightly larger group of people. I’ve actually never been to Mexico which I find oddly unbelievable…


London, England and Paris, France

This is my big trip this year. I will be taking my sisters with me. I’m very excited about this one and hopefully it will live up to my expectations!

If you know of any great spot I should visit while I’m in any of these places. Leave a comment and let me know!