Around the World: My Fall Trip List

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Beach at Play del Carmen.

It’s been so long since I wrote an update, but it’s not for lack of anything interesting happening!

My Fall Trip List is now available! See below.


Miami, Florida

This is a Birthday weekend trip with some girlfriends. Very low-key, enjoying the last of the summer heat.


Another birthday trip, slightly longer than Florida. Also with a slightly larger group of people. I’ve actually never been to Mexico which I find oddly unbelievable…


London, England and Paris, France

This is my big trip this year. I will be taking my sisters with me. I’m very excited about this one and hopefully it will live up to my expectations!

If you know of any great spot I should visit while I’m in any of these places. Leave a comment and let me know!

3 thoughts on “Around the World: My Fall Trip List

  1. If you love museums then you’ll LOVE London, besides the big 4 (British, Natural History, Science and the V&A) if you get the opportunity London has loads of quirky interesting small museums such as the Sir John Soane’s Museum and Cabinet War Rooms. Greenwich has some interesting sites also: National Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory and The Royal Naval College.

    I think this link will serve you nicely!

    Have fun! Hopefully it won’t it won’t be snowing too much when you visit!! (It was last year through December!) I’ve got a few(?) London photos on Flickr.


  2. Well for London tips – where do I begin, I live here after all and it’s awesome! (weather, riots & looting aside.. lol)

    Depends what you’re into! As you’re visiting during Winter stick to London’s amazing collection of attractions, including museums (the best of which – The British Museum – always has stuff on regardless of season) Of course no trip is complete without visiting Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly, Leicester Sq, Convent Garden, Trafalgar, The Mall, Buck House, Westminster etc..

    Make sure you catch a theatre show in the West End, cheaper tickets (£25) can be obtained by visiting the stand in Leicester Sq – things like We Will Rock You, Lion King and War Horse etc, are great as well as the classics like Phantom / Les Miserables etc.

    London has plenty of amazing parks scattered throughout the city which are absolutely packed during the summer months as the sun comes out, personal favourite is Greenwich because of it’s amazing heritage. In the winter months Hyde Park has a decent ‘Winter Wonderland’ event which is usually quite good – ice rink, ferris wheel, shows, food stalls etc. Check out the O2 as well for gigs & exhibitions.

    Anyway hope that gives you some ideas! Check out for more!


    1. Wow, thank you so much! This will really help me figure where in London I’m going to stay as well. And I LOVE museums! Thanks for the link too!

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