One a Day: Villanelle

Be what you were meant to be
And don’t forfeit your right
Anchor your resolve and all will agree

Hold tight to your strength in this black sea
From this mob that would deny your might
Be what you were meant to be

Stay fierce and loyal through their plea
for you to bend. Stay strong and fight
Anchor your resolve and all will agree

Men will bow down, bend at the knee
Craven you are not, instead graced by His light
Be what you were meant to be

All those who are weak will flee
with despair, away from your sight
Anchor your resolve and all will agree

That you are the one that prophets foresee
The name that they cry, the star that shines bright
Be what you were meant to be
Anchor your resolve and all will agree

(I’ve been reading and watching a bit too much Game of Thrones)

One a Day: Swap Quatrain

With every thump my heart does beat
And on my cheeks bloom lover’s heat
My throat is choked by heavy lump
My heart does beat with every thump

A kiss from you is all I ask
My face I hide behind this mask
Of scarlet tinged with timid hue
All I ask is a kiss from you

My life within your hands I’ll lay
For you my heart will make a way
For love and honor I’ll be your wife
Within your hands I’ll lay my life

One a Day: Minute Poetry

This life we live is not our own
So set the tone
Create the pitch
And scratch that itch

But leave some time so others can
With help, expand
Their place on earth
Express their worth

The champion and key you’ll be
To set them free
Alight their fire
Live to aspire

One a Day: Sestina

*I took one or two liberties with this one, please forgive me:

I dreamed a dream that brought a life,
one of my own choosing.
I dreamed a dream that began this life anew.
My world conspired and brought me, you.
A balm to the ache in my arms,
and for that I am grateful.

For what is there not to be grateful
for in a baby that has come into my life,
when I thought I would never hold in my arms –
when the time had passed when I could choose,
a baby as beautiful as you?
My world has started anew!

Comfort and joy are both a new
sensation in this heart that is so grateful
for you.
For this new and glorious life –
one that was of my own choosing,
you, sleeping gently in my arms.

And how they ached, these arms
of mine. How they burned for a new
purpose and feeling. When it came time to choose,
it was really you who chose me. And I am grateful
that God blessed my life
with you!

As I stare at my love, at you,
lying innocent and content in my arms,
my son, my life –
my world begins anew.
I am light! I am bliss! I am grateful
that you were the succor that I was choosing –

that you were the love that I was choosing,
that I chose you!
Every day I will look on and be grateful.
For I hold in my arms
my existence renewed –
you. My love, my treasure, my life!

Choosing to adopt brought you into my arms
You are my reason to breathe anew!
Grateful is a poor choice of word, for how I feel having you in my life.

One a Day: Themed Poem: Life

The Mechanics of Life

It happened one day
when no one was looking. Under
a white sheet meant for sleep.
With eyes tightly shut
creation of innocence.

The tight confines you find yourself in,
wishing for the floodgates to burst,
for the end of this prison sentence to come soon
You kick.

Dependent on another to eat, to sleep,
no freedoms of your own.
Then it happens suddenly
the birth of an innocent.

Bonne Année!

As a new year starts, I find myself in a different space than I was before. I still have some of my old hang ups, but I’m happier now and so ready to live life and let others live theirs.

So, as I start my new year back in the States, I say to you:

May life grant you more happiness than hardships, may the sun always shine on your path, may you have good health and none of the bad, and may God grant you more love than you know what to do with.

Bonne Année

Life Definitions: Brake for Turtles!

As I look into perhaps helping during the Nesting Season for sea turtles, a friend of mine forwarded this article to me and I wanted to share it with all of you.

WARNING: There is a very graphic picture in here and may be too violent for sensitive viewers.

Brake for Turtles!.

Life Definitions: Time

There is never enough time. No time to enjoy being a kid, no time to enjoy college, no time to say goodbye properly to your loved ones.

Never enough time to grieve…

I have come up with so many euphemisms to avoid saying that word: DEAD

There is no warmth in that word, no hope…it is so much more than just a four letter word…it is the end of a life that meant many things to many people. It is the reminder that nothing in this world is certain, except for it.

It amazes me that we don’t capitalize it. There’s God and there’s Death. Some might believe one is just a part of the other…and I get that, I do. But on those days when He places his death mask on and does the rounds, I can’t help but wonder where my loved ones fall on his To Do list.

And these thoughts make me so sad…

My grandparents are dead. It feels like it will never get any easier to say that.

Life Definitions: My Grandma

Two years ago I sat down and tried to explain how much my grandfather meant to me. Two years ago, I had my entire future to look forward to…and then he died, and my grandmother had a stroke.

Now, two years later, she’s dying…

I’ve only ever known my maternal grandparents, which is fitting, since I barely know my father. When she is gone, I will have to go to Haiti.

The thought of my home country shouldn’t create a knot in my stomach, but it does. Haiti means my grandmother is gone, it means my dad is within reach, it means a complete 180 from what I know now.

I don’t want to go to Haiti, I don’t want to see my father and I certainly don’t want my grandma dead.

Edit: While writing this post, my grandmother passed away.