One a Day: Song

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I will never hold you
Never count your perfect toes
Smooth down your sweet tresses
Or kiss your wrinkled nose

I won’t call you baby
Won’t kiss away your pain
I will never hold you
Watch you fall asleep again

You were my sunshine
I miss you like sunshine
I called you my sunshine
I love you little sunshine

I won’t watch you grow
Or worry about your safety
I’ve lost all my hope
Of calling you my baby

My sweet perfect gift
For your happiness I pray
One last gentle kiss
Before they take you away

You were my sunshine
I miss you like sunshine
I called you my sunshine
I love you little sunshine

One a Day: Rispetto

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We used to tend roses

lovingly with our hands

Now instead he closes

wounds of his fellow man


How quick our time ended

This life – held suspended

in the grip of dreamers

and the hearts of grievers

One a Day: Acrostic

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Sneaking down corridors,
Hallways filled with mystery
All the fears of my childhood
Down the creaking staircase, lay
Oh, to find my way out of this
Winding, spooky, haunted house!

2014 Memories: Day 9

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“You son of an udder-less cow.”

New favorite insult.

2014 Memories: Day 8

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I am grateful for my mom.

I am grateful for my friends. Especially the ones that pick up the phone at 2am. Thank you for being there for me always. Love you.

2014 Memories: Day 5

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I just found out Amazon has old episodes of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” Ahh, my childhood beckons!

One a Day: Terza Rima

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As I walk along the cold forgotten path
I feel as though a shadow walks besides me
And though I feel no menace, hatred, or wrath

I wonder why I cannot, this shadow, see
But to stop along the path and delve deep
Into the gloom is a choice not meant to be

Along this cold forgotten path I must keep
I cannot stop for food or drink, I cannot
Stop for rest and never shall I stop to sleep

I must hurry, be swift or else be forgot
Time waits for some, but for me, surely will not

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