Around the World: Paris, France

My trip to London and Paris was absolutely amazing! Paris was just mind-blowing! The food was amazing, the sites were amazing, the people were…great. lol. I don’t speak French, so I don’t really know if they are amazing, but everyone was so friendly and happy and awesome. I definitely want to come back, probably in the spring or summertime so I can catch the flowers and the gardens of Versailles. But in the meantime, let me give you some pictures to hold you over!



Around the World: Miami Beach, Florida

It started out better than perfect. I got a ride to the airport and arrived super early. I discovered that my flight was delayed by half an hour, but Cely was there and we went to grab something to eat. Eli and Frankie showed up soon afterward and we headed over to board the plane. Lo and behold, I see some girls I went to high school with and spent the wait chatting about life in general.

We get on the plane and managed to get seats next to each other (which is amazing since the plane was packed!). I end up sitting next to this really interesting guy and spent the trip having deep conversations about which celebrity is hotter and Sudoku. Continue reading

Around the World: Planning a Trip

This will be a two-week trip. Nothing fancy and once I figure out a continent. I will be asking for some advice on cities/towns. So go ahead. Let your voice be heard!

Around the World: San Francisco, California

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

This past weekend I went to San Francisco with Cely. How come no one told me it would be that cold? I went there with dresses and one pair of cut-off jeans. Suffice it to say, I went shopping for some real clothes the next day!

I went for a coworkers wedding and like the only duh duhduh I flew into San Jose. The trip into San Fran was long, but scenic, so I can’t even complain about that.

My flight was at 6:15 AM. I didn’t even bother sleeping the night before, as I didn’t have a ride. I took the LIRR to the Airtrain and made with an hour to spare. Cely and I had an hour layover in Phoenix which wasn’t bad (we ate lunch).

Once in San Jose, we took a shuttle into Santa Clara and then the Caltrain into San Francisco. In total it cost about $10, opposed to the hundred something I thought I would have to pay. I wish I could tell you what the scenery looked like, but I can’t…as I was sleeping.

It was gay pride weekend, and I guess if I hadn’t spent the time whining and sleeping, we would have gotten amazing pictures of the party at Castro as well as some exploratorium pictures and other cool stuff. But I whined, and napped, so that didn’t happen. (In my defense, I would have been fine if I could have found a belt!!!)

On Sunday was my coworkers wedding, and I must say, she looked beautiful! Absolutely stunning! Her friends are awesome too, and we all had a great time together. It was a great weekend!

I also got to see the Golden Gate Bridge aka the Red Bridge. Well, bits and pieces of it anyway…it was foggy as hell up there.

I will definitely be going back!

Around the World: Where to Next?

So I’m planning my vacation now. I need to know where I’m going first right?

Here’s a short poll to see what you guys think.

After all, you should have a say in where we go next…