Around the World: Where to Next?

So I’m planning my vacation now. I need to know where I’m going first right?

Here’s a short poll to see what you guys think.

After all, you should have a say in where we go next…


4 thoughts on “Around the World: Where to Next?

  1. i’m thinking like deedee, the last place we went was not too hot, i kinda want to hit up a beach and warm weather next vacay, something a bit more relaxing.. vegas was great but it was a rough weekend i came back pooped.. lol.. so something hot would be great so i guess my votes bahamas, only then a lot of us have to go bc isnt that a huge honey moon spot

    1. I think maybe someplace hot too…but we just got invited to visit El in Switzerland…does it ever get warm there (I’m thinking the Sounds of Music here people)…?

  2. Since we’re in the middle of a blizzard right now, my mind has retreated to the beach. So any warm place sounds good to me. But all of those places sound fantastic!

  3. There something about those Irish lads and Irish myths that intrigue me. All the places would be awesome. Tough choice.

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