Life Definitions: So I got stood up

Yeah, he completely stood me up…

Then sent me a text at 9:30 in the morning apologizing, saying, “I’m so sorry about last night…showered then fell asleep. Good morning, are you coming to work today?”

And I told myself, “that could be true…”

Then I was running around all day, so I texted late in the day and asked if he could talk…

He said he was driving and would call me in ten.

This was on Saturday around 6pm.

It is now Monday around 10am…no phone call. I wonder if I should be more upset than I actually am? I mean, I’m dissappointed of course…I was really looking forward to hanging out Friday…but I did get my drinks, I spent some time with the roomies, which is always fun.

So, yeah, I got stood up…C’est la vie!

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