On the Go: Anberlin and Switchfoot Concert

A couple of months ago, I went to see Anberlin and Switchfoot at the Best Buy Theater. Needless to say, it was amazing!

I’ve written about Anberlin before, but this post is mainly about Switchfoot. They are by no means a new band, in fact, they’ve been around for years. I knew about two of their songs, but I was blown away by their performance. They truly know how to entertain a crowd and they sound absolutely stunning!

Their current album, Vice Verses is a well crafted work of art! I’m not big on buying whole albums, mostly because I never like enough songs to justify paying for the entire thing – but I preview the album and I found myself clicking buy song after song until it made more sense to pay for the entire album than each individual song.

Some of my favorite songs are:

  1. The War Inside (track 3)
  2. Restless (track 4)
  3. Dark Horses (track 8 )
  4. Vice Verses (track 11)
  5. Where I Belong (track 12)
  6. Needle and Haystack Life (track 13)
  7. Always (track 20)
  8. Red Eyes (track 24)

You can now understand why I had to buy the album, I could keep adding songs to this list, but then I might as well just include the complete track list. Go to iTunes or amazon and have a preview of the songs. You won’t be disappointed. Promise!

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