Life Definitions: Today is a not so Good Day

So my boss told me last week that I needed to act like everything was urgent. What she doesn’t know is that I used to have really bad panic attacks, if I act like everything is urgent, I won’t be able to function without breaking down into tears.

So today, she asks if I have sent out some invites to our Board members. I hadn’t because I needed to go to the post office to get them stamped, and there was just too much going on yesterday to find the time. But I should have told her. I know this, and it is my fault for not following up with her.

But today she tells me that the invites and envelopes should have been ready last week and it was my responsiblilty to make sure they went out two days ago. And I couldn’t argue with that because it is my responsibility…that’s my job.

I wanted to explain why they didn’t go out, but I couldn’t even remember when the invites came in, just like I didn’t remember to tell her about the postage issue. I wanted to; I told myself that I would; but by the time I walked back to my desk, I’d forgotten.

So I act too calm and I’m forgetful. These things are going to cost me my job. And I don’t know what to do. JoJo told me to walk around with a note pad, but how do I explain to my boss that I have to stay calm, or I’ll break down at work, probably right in front of her.

I just want to go into the restroom and cry right now.

2 thoughts on “Life Definitions: Today is a not so Good Day

  1. I used to keep stickies around my desk, but sometimes i would lose them and my boss would have me go back to something I had written down… but i had already thrown it away. It’s always good to keep a record because you can always refer back to it. So JoJo’s suggestion is good. I keep a little notebook and I write down my list for the day and label it 1-3 in terms of importance. I know my #1s need to get done ASAP, and #3s can be done later on. I then highlight them when I’m done. My little book is a rainbow of colors!… ok, not really, just blue. But it’s always something you can have as backup and proof! And you should probably tell your boss about getting too stressed when it becomes a big issue. Stress can be counterproductive.

  2. From what you are saying, it sounds like you are under a lot of stress and may suffer from Anxiety Disorder. You may also be malnourished. It might be good to go and talk to a doctor about this before you boss gets really upset with you.

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